Monday, April 21, 2014

Romance is yucky

Isaac has gotten it in his head that romance is just plain gross.

He has these little books he brings home each day as part of his homework. The other day the book was titled, “What do I wear?” or something like that. The sentences said things like, “The feet wear shoes. The chest wears a shirt. The wrist wears a watch.” Each sentence also had a picture along with it. When he got to the sentence that read, “The finger wears a ring,” it showed a man’s hand placing a ring on a woman’s finger. Ike yelled out, “That’s too much romance!” He then covered his eyes so he could just see the bottom of the page where the words were, and read it like he was in pain. Unfortunately, he has to read each book three times so he covered his eyes up several times. He’s glad he passed that book off and can go on to the next one.

Yucky romance.

I have no idea why the font in this post is so weird and keeps changing. Just pretend I meant it to be that way, okay?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Today our family will enjoy Easter dinner, searching for Easter baskets, and spending time with family. But we'll also spend time thinking about our Savior and of how His resurrection made it possible for us to live again.

I recently wrote about an experience our family had last Easter. The folks at Deseret News thought it would be nice to publish it. My Easter thought here.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My girl

Several days ago Ariana participated in her class field trip. She's long ago proved that, while she enjoys seeing new sights, her favorite part of trips are gift shops. So I gave her a few dollars, just in case there was a gift shop involved.

She came home ecstatic with her purchases. She bought a pin for herself and, "the biggest candy bar I could find for you, Mom!"
So glad I've taught that girl how to make her mom happy.

A few days later she made me laugh when, after listening to a long monologue by Isaac, took me aside and asked me an important question.

"Mom, is Isaac going through a phase where he talks a lot?"

I had to tell her no, that he just talks that much naturally.

She sighed and looked irritated. But then went back and patiently listened to all the important things Ike had to say.

I like that girl a lot.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The problem of the 14 eggs

Bad news: it turns out I am the sole individual in this house who appreciates egg-salad sandwiches.

Now, if I had such a problem with chocolate I would be stoked about it because that would obviously mean more chocolate for me!

But I have 14 (down from 18!) hard-boiled eggs in my fridge and I would really like to not waste them. I briefly considered eating an egg-salad sandwich for lunch over the next two weeks. But then I realized that meant I would be unable to eat my beloved salads. And no, I don't like hard-boiled eggs on my salad. I know, I know. I have already admitted my weirdness over disliking salad dressing so how could I get any more bizarre?

Anyone have suggestions for easy ways I could use these eggs? Preferably some way my entire family could help me consume them? And soon? The egg smell every time I open my fridge is really starting to get to me.

I guess I could happen to accidentally add them to the cousin Easter egg hunt I am supervising on Sunday....

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Treasures from Egypt

Back story: for Christmas my in-laws gave Ariana and Isaac a subscription to Little Passports.* Every month A&I receive a package in the mail with trinkets, letters, and fun things from their world-traveling pals, Sam and Sophia. This month Sam and Sophia visited Egypt.

Just in case a certain little boy's obsession with Egypt hasn't been obvious, please see this post, this one, oh, and this one too.

Back to my story.

Obviously, receiving a package from Egypt was the highlight of Isaac's day. And that day had already been pretty awesome because he had been able to go on his kindergarten field trip and play in the first soccer game of the season.

The trinkets they received were small pyramids which they had to excavate in order to find Egyptian treasures inside. Pyramids AND Egyptian treasures!? Could life have gotten any better?

Okay, so life could be better for Isaac if we had a spare $8,000. Earlier that morning he had talked me into doing research via our friend google to see how much a 10 day trip to Egypt would cost our family of five. The 8K number did not deter him; he was determined to start saving that very day.
Pre-excavation photo (Ignore my dead plants in the background. Things that are supposed to grow hate me.)

Eleanor was a very interested observer.

Washing the excess sand off.
Ariana got a sarcophagus. I'm not sure who was more excited about that, Ariana or Isaac. Ike received a replica of King Tut's headdress. At least, I think that's what it is called. I should have consulted him before writing this post.
Egyptian treasures!
Sam and Sophia have traveled and sent souvenirs back from Japan, Brazil, and France. However, nothing has topped this month's gifts. And I highly doubt that any other month will come even close to meeting the wonders of receiving ancient Egyptian treasures.

*No, Little Passports are not sponsors of this blog. But if any of you have connections with them you could totally suggest they become my first sponsors.

**And if anyone wants to start the Send Isaac and His Family to Egypt Charity, please go right ahead.